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Online Data Collection

We have decades of experience in online sampling and recruiting Sampling

  • We can also abstract a random sample from our panel base.
  • It can also be conducted through a short online questionnaire or screener to get a more precisely tailored sample of respondents.
  • Flexible size sample: 500-6000 respondents to allow for a large quantitative data processing.
  • Advanced techniques to get hard-to-reach and low incidence audience.


  • Participants can be recruited either online or on the phone.
  • For online recruitment, our consultants design tailor-made questionnaires to reach the aimed target of respondents and achieve powerful survey results.
  •  Even our sampling questionnaires include some open-ended questions aiming at measuring the respondents’ engagement and motivation towards the survey.
  • The verbatim material collected in the pre-recruitment phase helps also design the survey questionnaire itself

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