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Panel Services

Robas Research has a fresh approach to Online Market Research. A fast-growing Market Research firm providing innovative online solutions to global clients with strong skills and technology.

  •  Eminent in sample and project management.
  •  Systematic approach to each online research project.
  •  Partnered with best sample providers in the industry.
  •  Achieved the best quality data in recruitment and custom panel.
  •  Quality checks/Validating on regular interval and providing value added services to our clients.
  •  Custom made solutions as per the clients’ specifications.

Primary research entails obtaining firsthand data through direct investigation by the researcher or commissioned data collection. This approach is crucial when tailored information is needed, as exemplified by companies conducting primary market research to understand customer perceptions, analyze market segments, and assess brand performance before and after a product launch.

We at Robas Research believe in adding value to our customer’s business life. We perform various primary market research studies catered to 20+ industries across the world, read on to know more about the type of research and our capabilities.

Our Proprietary Panel

  • Robas Research has proprietary panels across the globe with a reach over 6 million consumer panel along with their trusted partners.


Consistency & Balance

  • Robas Research maintains a live control system over its panel to guarantee a balanced, un-biased and representative community.


  • Buzz panel is constantly renewed (by recruiting new panels and scrubbing the inactive panels).

Real Respondents

  • Robas Research has numerous verification techniques to ensure the authenticity of respondents and remove fraudulent panellists.
  • Duplication is avoided at the registration stage through automatic checks against existing e-mail addresses and digital finger print scanner held within our panel management system.
  • Panelists who give inconsistent responses are removed from the database.

Double Opt-in Registration

  • Respondents apply for panel membership by completing a double opt-in procedure, and agreeing to our terms of confidentiality.

Custom Panel Building Services

A private ad hoc panel to survey customers, prospects, subscribers, employees.

  • Ad hoc panels are aimed at big name brands, agencies, retailers, corporate, non-profit organizations, medias, and public organizations.
  • Sampling (500-50,000 members): members are recruited via a short registration questionnaire hosted on the brand or corporate website or on a dedicated platform.
  • Robas Research offers flexible, efficient and cost-effective solutions to enable brands and corporate to manage their own online panel.


Choose your level of moderation of the panel

  • From a simple branded solution to a full panel management and moderation solution.
  • Robas Research can be as much involved, as you need in the data collection and analysis process, from raw data collection to full data analysis and reporting.
  • Robas Research can support and train your team to handle the programming and panel management and moderation.

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