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Survey Programming & Hosting Services

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Survey programming and hosting are crucial for extracting meaningful data that shape business decisions. Robas Research excels in end-to-end programming and data collection services, creating engaging surveys that provide quality results. Our Survey Management team leverages best-in-class technology, offering advanced features, techniques, and multimedia capture. Benefit from device-compatible surveys that are intuitive, user-friendly, and aligned with the specific objectives of our clients. This includes both online and offline survey programming, catering to various data collection methods and providing a robust framework for insightful market research.

Choose Robas for customizable, reliable surveys, 24/7 support, cost-effectiveness,  ISO certification and more.

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What is Online Survey Programming?

Online survey programming is a specialized domain within survey programming that revolves around creating surveys for digital platforms. Robas Research excels in this area by ensuring our online surveys are not only accessible across a range of devices but also feature advanced elements such as responsive designs, interactive features, and real-time monitoring capabilities. Our expertise lies in leveraging the power of the digital landscape to enhance the survey-taking experience, making it seamless and efficient for both respondents and researchers.

What is Offline Survey Programming?

Offline survey programming is an essential component of our service offerings, acknowledging the diverse environments in which data collection occurs. Whether in areas with limited internet connectivity or during face-to-face interviews, our offline survey programming ensures a consistent and effective data collection process. Robas Research is committed to providing clients with versatile survey solutions that can adapt to various scenarios, facilitating comprehensive data collection even in offline settings.

Benefits of Survey Programming

The benefits of survey programming extend beyond the technicalities, influencing the entire research process. By employing robust survey programming techniques, we enhance the reliability and accuracy of the data collected, contributing to the creation of a solid foundation for informed business decisions. Our focus on quality results is evident in the meticulous design of surveys, ensuring they align with research objectives, provide actionable insights, and stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Benefits of Online Survey Programming

Online survey programming, as facilitated by Robas Research, offers a multitude of benefits. From ensuring global accessibility to providing
real-time monitoring capabilities, our online surveys are designed to be both versatile and technologically advanced. The seamless integration of features like device compatibility, eye-catching designs, and interactive elements enhances the overall survey experience, making it not only efficient but also engaging for respondents.

Survey Programming Services We Offer

Robas Research is a comprehensive survey programming service provider, offering a range of services to cater to every aspect of the data collection process. From survey design to website hosting, quality assurance, database support, and real-time monitoring, our services cover the entire spectrum of survey programming needs. 

Our dedicated team ensures that each service is executed with precision, resulting in surveys that are not only technically sound but also aligned with the unique requirements of our clients

Survey Features

Our surveys boast an array of advanced features that go beyond standard questionnaire structures. From device compatibility and responsive designs to intricate elements like drag-and-drop functionality, complex survey logic, eye-catching layouts, carousel grids, star ratings, and auto-sum functionality, we prioritize the integration of features that enhance data collection comprehensiveness. These elements collectively contribute to surveys that are clear, easy to understand, and navigable, ultimately leading to richer and more insightful data.

Survey Techniques

Recognizing the diversity of survey requirements, Robas Research supports various surveying techniques. Branding Research, Customer Research, Adaptive Conjoint, Max-Diff, Market Segmentation, TURF analysis, NPS and other sophisticated methods are employed to ensure surveys are tailored to the specific needs of each research project. This versatility enables us to reach a wider audience and collect more accurate data, providing our clients with a nuanced understanding of their target market.

Survey Methods

Our company specializes in scripting surveys for all data collection methods, acknowledging the diverse channels through which valuable insights can be gleaned. Whether through web surveys (CAWI), mobile, face-to-face interviewing (Online & Offline CAPI), phone (CATI), Mystery Shopping, or Retail Auditing, Robas Research stands as a full-service survey programming company committed to delivering advanced features, innovative techniques, multimedia capture, and real-time dashboards.

Best-in-Class Technology

At Robas, we leverage the latest technologies to ensure our surveys are not only engaging but also technically robust. From front-end interactivity for participants to back-end coding, logic, and quotas, we utilize survey programming platforms such as Decipher, Qualtrics, Nebu, Sawtooth Software, Forsta (Confirmit), SurveyToGo, QuestionPro, Alchemer and more. This commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements ensures that our clients receive reliable and accurate survey results.


Our survey programming team has good hands on experience in tools like

Why Robas?

  • As a global market research agency, Robas Research stands out for several key attributes. 
  • Our commitment to cost-effectiveness, 24/7 support, ISO certifications, conforming to data privacy and security laws as per various country guidelines, focus on quality positions and on-time delivery as a reliable partner for survey programming and hosting.  Being members of prestigious organizations like ESOMAR, advocate partner at MRSI, and exhibitors at events such as Succeet further underscore our dedication to excellence.
  • With a wide array of survey technology, international survey programming and hosting services including survey translation in various languages, and innovative consultancy, we offer a holistic solution for qualitative and quantitative research needs.


In the bustling world of start-ups, a visionary entrepreneur approached Robas Research to gauge market acceptance for their innovative product. Our journey began with meticulous participant recruitment, identifying target demographics and ensuring a diverse pool of respondents.

Survey Questionnaire Design:

Collaborating closely with the client, our survey experts crafted a questionnaire that delved deep into consumer preferences, pain points, and expectations. The goal was not just data collection but uncovering insights pivotal for market success.

Programming and Hosting

The survey programming phase saw the integration of advanced features, ensuring a seamless experience for participants. From drag-and-drop functionality to eye-catching layouts, every detail was fine-tuned to enhance engagement.

Online Data Collection Services through Zoom Interviews:

Taking innovation a step further, we incorporated Zoom interviews to dive into qualitative insights. This personalized touch allowed us to glean nuanced responses, enriching the quantitative data collected online.

The outcome? A comprehensive market acceptance study empowering our start-up client to fine-tune their strategy for maximum impact.

Online Panel Recruitment Based on Quota:

A global healthcare conglomerate entrusted Robas Research with a mission – to conduct an expansive international market research study. Our first task was assembling a diverse online panel, meticulously curated based on quotas to ensure representation from various demographics and regions.

Multi-Language Survey Programming with Image/Video Implementation:

Recognizing the diversity of our global audience, we embarked on crafting a survey that transcended language barriers. Leveraging advanced platforms like Nebu and Qualtrics, we programmed a multi-language survey enriched with image and video elements for a nuanced understanding.

Interlocking Price Sensitivity Logic and Drag-and-Drop:

To decipher intricate nuances of price sensitivity, we incorporated interlocking logic. The survey became a dynamic landscape with drag-and-drop functionality, allowing participants to engage actively and express preferences effortlessly.

Using Nebu and Qualtrics:

Harnessing the power of Nebu and Qualtrics, we ensured a seamless and efficient data collection process. These platforms not only facilitated survey programming but also provided real-time insights, enabling our client to adapt their strategy dynamically.

The result? A globally informed healthcare strategy, backed by rich data and a nuanced understanding of diverse market dynamics.

Case Studies

Local Case Study: Product Conceptualization in India, Top Tech Company (Target Size: 1000)

Robas Research was tasked with assisting a technology client in India in their product conceptualization study before launching it in the market. In just two months, we achieved this by employing innovative methods:
  • Engaging and Rewarding Sample Audience: We incentivized and engaged the target audience creatively, ensuring active participation.
  • Innovative Data Collection: Robas Research utilized in-house technology for data collection, creating a seamless experience for respondents.
  • Automated Insights: Our AI-powered analysis generated insights, and we crafted theme-based reports with human quotes from interviews.

Global Case Study: Healthcare Research Across BRIC Countries (Sample Size: 10,000)

In a week, Robas Research successfully reached out to healthcare professionals in BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) to gather a sample size of 10,000.

Key achievements included:

  • Extensive Global Reach: Leveraging our international panel of 5 million+ professionals, we segmented respondents based on job roles.
  • Personalized Incentives: We incentivized participants with personalized gifts, validating responses through documented experiences.
  • Cutting-edge Market Research: Tools and our trendsetting in-house survey design, data collection tools powered by AI analytics using deep learning, ML, cloud, and other technologies
  • Being GDPR compliant, we are sensitive and comply with country-specific data rules, privacy, and other things. Our clients have been working with us based on this deep trust they have in us along with our capabilities

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Frequently Asked Questions about Survey Programming and Hosting

Survey programming is the creation of the survey backbone, ensuring engagement and effectiveness in data collection.

The benefits of survey programming are multifaceted. It empowers researchers to design surveys tailored to specific research objectives, ensuring data accuracy and relevance. Advanced features like logic structures, multimedia integration, and real-time monitoring enhance the survey experience, leading to more comprehensive and insightful data collection. This, in turn, supports informed decision-making and strategy formulation.

Survey programmers need expertise in coding, logic, and survey design for effective data collection.

Writing a survey program involves several key steps. Start by defining your research objectives and crafting clear, concise survey questions. Choose a suitable survey programming platform and implement logical structures and features. Test the survey thoroughly to identify and rectify any issues. Continuous refinement and testing ensure the program aligns with research goals, comprehensive data collection and provides reliable data.

A programming language survey aims to assess the popularity and usage trends of programming languages.

Learning survey programming involves a combination of theoretical understanding and practical application. This includes mastering coding, logic, and survey design through courses and hands-on experience.

Enrol in courses covering survey methodology, statistics, and programming languages like Python or R. Gain hands-on experience by working on sample surveys and projects. Continuous practice and exposure to survey programming tools contribute to proficiency in this field.

Yes, surveys are reliable when designed and executed properly. Robas Research employs rigorous methodologies, ensuring survey validity, reliability, and representativeness. Our expertise in survey programming, diverse techniques, and advanced features contribute to the credibility and accuracy of the data collected.

A survey host is a platform or service that manages and facilitates the administration of online surveys. It includes features like survey distribution, data collection, and storage. At Robas Research, we leverage cutting-edge survey hosting technologies to ensure seamless, secure, and efficient survey experiences for both researchers and respondents.

The purpose of a programming language survey is to assess the popularity, usage trends, and preferences regarding programming languages within the developer community. These surveys help understand industry dynamics, guide language development, and provide valuable insights for companies in the tech sector.