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Vinaya Karkera

Manager – panel


With a distinguished career spanning over 15 years, coupled with a comprehensive multidisciplinary background, she stands as a seasoned Performance Marketing Expert. 

Demonstrating an acute understanding of client requirements, she is adept at ensuring timely and effective actions. 

Her forte lies in excelling at customer relations, and she boasts a track record of achieving remarkable results through the implementation of high-impact performance marketing strategies.

Proficient in leveraging a diverse array of tools and platforms, she possesses an innate ability to meticulously track and measure performance metrics. Her keen eye for detail sets her apart, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive approach to optimizing marketing efforts.

Beyond her professional achievements, she is an avid Yoga enthusiast, demonstrating a commitment to holistic well-being. Furthermore, her passion for exploration, particularly in discovering new places and savouring diverse cuisines, reflecting a well-rounded and adventurous personality.