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Corona Virus

Rise And Impact Of The Novel Coronavirus In India

With talks of a 2nd wave of coronavirus hitting Europe and South East Asia, it’s very vital for us to adhere to strict guidelines set up by Health organizations around the world.

After the first wave, there was a sense of relief and complacency in societies across the world. Which has resulted in a huge spike in cases across countries.
We asked people across India what is their perception of COVID-19 and their most common behaviours/routines observed by them during the corona crisis.
Below are the poll results.

To what extent do the following statements describe your behaviour for the past week?
With no certain timeline on a vaccine, people are being cautious when it comes to getting used to the “new normal” of masks and social distancing and sanitizing.


We asked the general population, why do you think India is showing spikes in positive cases?

It is quite likely that India will see a spike/rise in Positive cases as the flu/monsoon season approaches. As a current number of positive cases stack up on state’s medical resources which are in different stages of handling the virus outbreak,(be it the currently peaking or plateauing) one of the main reasons behind seeing this exponential rise in cases is lack of disciple and failure to maintain social distancing norms as the lockdown measures are being eased across the country and people are getting back to work. One other reason the numbers are growing is the increase in testing and the no of tests available in the market.



Finally, we asked with the current spike in cases should the lockdown relaxations be halted?

Source: Data sample size  1000 gen pop spread across Tier 1,2 cities in India, spilt on 50-50% m/f representation.